Vijayamma ends deeksha at Indira park

Vijayamma ends deeksha at Indira park - Sakshi Post

YSR Congress party president,YS Vijayamma  ended her two-day hunger strike today at Indira park, which was in protest against the state government's fee reimbursement policy.


Hyderabad, Sept 7, 2012: YSR Congress party honourary president Smt. Y.S.Vijayamma today concluded her two-day Fee Deeksha at Indira Park here with an assurance to the people that the party will continue to stand by the people in finding solutions to their problems.

Vijayamma concluded her fast by accepting lemon juice from two girl students Priyanka and Naveena.

Winding up her Deeksha, Vijayamma said her son Jaganmohan Reddy has been enquiring about people’s problems even from the jail and asking the party leaders to take up people’s problems and try to find solutions to them.

“Jagan has been in the jail for more than 100 days but he will soon come out of the jail and fight for the public cause again,” she said, adding that nothing has been proved against him even after one year of filing the case. 

Vijayamma said 28 lakh students were benefited during the YSR period from the fee reimbursement scheme. “YSR allotted more funds to the scheme than in the budget,” she said and asked the government if it can confidently say the scheme is being implemented in its entirety. 

Lambasting the Government for not releasing the fee reimbursement funds to colleges for the last three years, Vijayamma asked the government to show sincerity and implement the scheme fully as implemented by YSR.

She said no other leader can understand the people’s problems as YSR had understood. “He always thought of the welfare of the people. The present government is collecting thousands of crores in taxes but is not willing to implement the welfare programmes or solve people’s problems,” she said, adding that no one in the state is happy with the present government.

Where are the jobs?

Criticizing the chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy for announcing that investments worth Rs. 6.5 lakh Cr are arriving in the state and lakhs of people would get jobs, she said the Government has not kept its promises. 

“Tell us where the jobs and where the investments are” she asked the CM. “There are no medicines and doctors in the hospitals. You have abolished old age pensions and are not interested in finding solutions to the people’s problems,” she said. 

While the YSR regime offered free power to the farmers, the government has removed all subsidies and even seeds are not available today, she said and added that the rates of fertilizes have increased by 300 per cent.

Vijayamma slams Naidu

Finding fault with TDP chief N.Chandrababu Naidu for not responding to her call to ensure that 100 BC representatives are elected to the assembly in the next elections, Vijayamma said Naidu never visited any college nor spoke with any student. 

“It is surprising to note that Naidu is claiming he had introduced the fee reimbursement scheme,” she said and accused him of hobnobbing with the Congress government.

Vijammma charged that both Congress and TDP have joined hands together aiming at her son Jagan Mohan Reddy. “Both Congress and TDP are holding press conferences only to attack Jagan and criticize him,” she said.

“Why Chandra babu went to Delhi and meet Chidambaram secretly,” she asked saying that this incident alone proved Naidu has been in collusion with the Congress.

Vijayamma also said Congress leaders are also involved in several scandals like the Ameerpet land scam. 

Govt has no concern for students: Sobha

YSR Congress Legislature Party deputy leader and MLA SobhaNagi Reddy lambasted the Government for not responding to people’s protest over the issue.

Addressing the gathering on the occasion,Sobha said Government has remained unconcerned despite numerous protests and dharnas by students and parents for the restoration of the full fee reimbursement.

“The Government has not been caring though thousands of BC students will forgo the opportunity of pursuing the engineering course because of the conditions and limitations imposed for full fee reimbursement,” she said and added that the Kiran Kumar Reddy Government has no interest in implementing the schemes introduced by YSR. The government doesn’t want to do good to the people, she remarked. 

SobhaNagi Reddy said the Government had cleared the dues of fee reimbursement to all colleges as YSR Congress Party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy took up a 7-day Deeksha in February 2011.

She charged the government with trying to cancel the scheme completely on some pretext or the other and demanded it to implement it fully by removing the limitations and conditions so that all eligible students will benefit. 

Lakhs of students would be adversely affected: Janak Prasad

YSR Congress Party Trade Union leader Janak Prasad, who also addressed the gathering, said the way the fee reimbursement scheme is being implemented by the Government will rid lakhs of students of the golden opportunity to pursue their academic career.

“The future of lakhs of students is at stake with the government’s decision forcing them on to the streets,” he lamented.

Janak Prasad said the Government is not in a position to take decisions even after being chided by the legal courts.

“This is a hopeless and inefficient government as it is unable to engage the services of efficient and expert lawyers in courts,” he criticized. 



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