Watch: Did Sachin Tendulkar ‘Cheat’ Yuvraj Singh In This Challenge?!

Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar not only completed his former teammate Yuvraj Singh's 'Keep It Up' challenge but threw it back at the latter with a twist. In this video, shared by him on social media, the 'God of Cricket' is seen juggling the cricket ball on the side edge of a bat. But here is the twist. Sachin does the juggling blindfolded which was stunning to watch. Posting this, Tendulkar threw the challenge back to Yuvi asking him to repeat the same. In case you are wondering if the dashing southpaw can emulate the 'Master Blaster', then the twist only gets bigger. Sachin Tendulkar later revealed that despite the blindfold, he could clearly see through. Isn't this some cheating, folks?! Well, no hard feelings. It's all in good fun, so take it easy and enjoy the video.

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