Viral Video: Migrant Worker Converts Mini Giant Wheel Into Family Transporter!

This video, going viral in social media, shows a migrant worker coming up with a smart piece of customised engineering in his desperation to travel back home along with his family amid lockdown. He converted his mini giant wheel into a family transporter and attached it to his two-wheeler for thrust and acceleration. The video, captured by an awe-struck commuter, shows the man controlling the 'mobile marvel' with the help of a steering wheel even as his family is seen happily seated in one of the tubs. This work of raw engineering brilliance is winning accolades from many Netizens even as a few raised suspicions that it could an old video doing the rounds again during the COVID lockdown time. Regardless of its time, this is no doubt very exciting to watch but could be extremely risky for anyone else to emulate. Caution advised.

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