Viral: Chinese Pregnant Woman Suddenly Gives Birth On Pavement

BEIJING: Passersby in China’s Zhejiang were shocked to witness a pregnant Chinese woman giving birth to a baby on the pavement.

CCTV footage shows the sudden moment when the baby just dropped down on the sidewalk while the mother was walking along with someone.

The baby lay on the road as passersby and local shop owners rushed and wrapped the baby in a blanket. Locals, later called medical help to assist the baby and the mother.

The woman has been identified as Chen, a China media house reported. She was taken to a hospital in Taizhou of Zhejiang province on May 4.

"It’s a boy and his lips were black when I took a first look at him. I lifted his legs up later and patted him on the buttocks several times before crying out and his lips turned red. Then I know he’s fine,” she was quoted saying by the media.

Doctors said that the mother and baby are safe and healthy. They have been discharged from the hospital.

Watch the video:

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