Driven By Corona Fear, Hyd Supermarket Denies Entry To Two Manipuris..!

While the nation is dreading the monstrous effect of Coronavirus contagion, incidents of discrimination fueled by irrational fears and suspicions are also rearing their ugly head on the flip side. One such incident was witnessed in our own Hyderabad where two persons from Manipur were denied entry into a supermarket. Reason, the security staff took them for ‘foreigners’ or to be precise, ‘South Asians’. What’s worse, they refused to budge even after the two Indians from the Northeast brandished their ID cards. Humiliated by the treatment, the two petitioned Telangana minister KTR on his Twitter handle with the video of the incident. Infuriated by this ‘racist tendency’, KTR ordered the DGP to crack the whip and as you can expect, the supermarket is in soup now. Watch the harrowing experience of the two Manipuris in this video:

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