Hyderabad Applauds Its Heart Out: Janata Curfew

People in Hyderabad started to applaud their hearts out from 2 minutes to 5 and allowed the glorious noise of applause to continue for almost 10 minutes after that. People came out on their balconies, terraces, and compounds and applauded for the people fighting at the front in the battle against the virus. This was one of the first days that India saw a complete shutdown where nobody ventured out of their homes except for at 5 pm when everyone clapped with utmost fervor.
People also used plates and spoons to see that their applauses reached its farthest. People used shells that are used to make a low whistle (Shanka), to add to the atmosphere of the applauds. This was a once in a lifetime moment that PM Modi facilitated for the people of India to experience, and it had a very good cause behind it as well.

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