Woman’s Selfie Inside Metro Keeps Passengers Entertained

Ever felt like doing a photo shoot inside a metro train, but did not have the confidence. Here's a woman who pulled it off with such swag that has literally broken the internet, and she could not have been more 'overwhelmed' .

Dubbed as 'Queen' and 'Subway Bae', this woman did a selfie photo shoot on a subway on her phone, and the shoot has gone viral.

In the clip, the woman is seen making her bag as a makeshift stand for her phone and goes on pose in front of the camera. Meanwhile, a fellow commuter, in awe of her confidence, posted the video on Twitter which has till now garnered 8.8 million views. Beat it!

Watch her video here:

That's not it, the video which was posted three days back, on August 18, has 231.7K likes and over 36,000 retweets and it's counting.

So, this naturally caused a sensation to know who was the woman. Turns out the woman is called Jessica George and she even posted the photos on her Twitter handle and the result is awesome.

Twitter comments read, “Can you give an ounce of your self confidence, sis.” Another Twitterati, "And she’s not disturbing anyone around her either… she’s just living her best life."

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