Recently, Shloka Akash Ambani, the new Ambani daughter- in-law, celebrated her birthday and the Ambani family gave out a video with many people from the family and even Shloka’s family had sent out their wishes. The video in itself looks as if the Ambanis gave a whole lot of money to a not so acomplished content generator.

The video is basically Cartoon network of the 2000+ (Which was in Hindi and quality was not so great). They made a song whic’s tune was a rip off from the beautiful song ‘Favorite Things’ from one of the most loved musical ‘The Sound Of Music’. And it did not even rhyme.

Apart from the poor animation and the cheezy rip off of a song, was actuallybits when people of teh Ambani Family and Shloka’s family had given little videos of wishes for the new Ambani Daughter-in-law.

Take a look at the many parts of the video here:

People on the social media had come out to point out how the family members were putting pressure on Shloka to have a baby. Or it could possibly be that she already is carrying a fetus and they are just subtly trying to put it out there. But here are some of the tweets in about the video: