Watch: Netizens Hail This ‘Boy Wonder’ Who Bowls With ‘Malformed’ Hands!

HYDERABAD: Hyderabad’s legendary cricketer VVS Laxman shared this amazing video to showcase how the power of human spirit can force even fate and adversity into submission. The video shows a young boy, with physical deformity of malformation of both the hands, bowling spin at the nets in Gymkhana Grounds of Secunderabad.

Awe-struck by the boy’s resilience to conquer destiny to pursue the sport he loves, VVS saluted the remarkable talent with this caption: “The human spirit is one of ability, perseverance and courage that no situation can steal away. Salute to the spirit of human endurance and strength.”
Netizens quickly lapped it up and showered the ‘boy wonder’ with a heap of praise. Most of them wanted to know more about the young cricketer, who is already a winner by any stretch of imagination, for showing the way to deal with debilitating deformities. With an action similar to that of the great Sri Lankan off-spinner Muthaiah Muralidharan, the boy is seen effortlessly bowling spinners with his ‘malformed’ hands.
But the biggest downside of VVS Laxman’s tweet is that it barely gives any details of this ‘wonder kid’. There was no mention of his name, where he hails from and if the video is really of the present or from the past. The boy, who deserves to be introduced to the world in a better way, will hopefully make the headlines all over the world sooner than later!

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