Viral Video: Jodhpur Police Repeat What Minneapolis Cops Did To George Floyd?

At a time when the United States is on the boil over the police killing of black national George Floyd, an incident almost similar to that happened in Jodhpur of Rajasthan on Thursday. This is the video that shows a policeman pinning down a person to the ground by forcing his knee on the person’s neck. As this horrifying video shows, the style of nabbing the person is quite shockingly similar to the manner in which George Floyd was pinned down by the Minneapolis police, eventually leading to his death.

Floyd’s ‘I Can’t Breathe’ cries has fueled massive anti-racist protests in the US. The only difference perhaps in the Jodhpur case is that the man, identified as Mukesh Kumar Prajapathi, was immobilized for refusing to wear a face mask and pay fine besides retaliating on the police team. This video is going viral on the social media for its striking resemblance to the Minneapolis incident.

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