Viral Video: Delivery Boy’s Daring Rescue Act Saves Tiny Tot In China

This viral video shows a delivery boy in China risking his life to save a tiny tot from slipping off a 2nd floor balcony. The hair-raising incident happened in Guangzhou province on Monday. The tiny tot, who found a way to go past the grills of the balcony was about to fall down when his parents held him by his hands. But just when they too were losing the grip of the kid, Lee Jiajun, the delivery boy, came like a god-send and quickly climbed up the building from outside to rescue the tiny tot. Even as the family was relieved, the delivery boy’s daring rescue act, risking his own life, has left everyone on social media in awe. Many people reacted by complimenting Jiajun as a ‘real hero’. But this one netizen had a different take. He took a jibe at China saying the dragon country has found a perfect viral video to divert the attention of the world when it is being accused for the global coronavirus pandemic..!

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