Viral Video: Alligator Goes For ‘Turtle On The Wall’ In Florida! Did It Succeed?!

IFS Officer Sudha Ramen posted this video of an alligator getting too ambitious to ‘grab a turtle’ during its intrusion into a house in Florida. The chilling visuals in night mode from a CCTV camera show the giant reptile slowly crawling into the living room. The original idea seemed to be to sneak inside the house but the ‘turtle on the wall’ clearly distracted the alligator. With its instincts taking over, the ‘gator’ is seen scaling the wall and going for the ‘turtle’. After two attempts to grab it, the alligator appears to have understood the reality that the ‘quick bite’ it found in the turtle was nothing but a wall-hanging. Unsuccessful, the alligator is seen slipping out of the frame in no time. Even as many Netizens reacted, saying that instances of alligator intrusions into human habitations is quite common in places like Florida, the visual, which is going viral, is certain to send a shiver down your spine..!

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