Video: Tamil Nadu Bride Displays Her Silambam Martial Arts Talent On Wedding Day

In a different routine to the usual wedding celebrations, a newlywed couple from Tirukollur village in Tamil Nadu showcased the bride’s martial arts talent of Silambam or stick fight as it is known there. The same art is known as Karra Samu in the Telugu states.

The groom in question was a man named Raj Kumar who married Nisha from the same village. In order to highlight his wife’s hidden talent, he arranged for her a stick fight martial arts performance for guests and villagers on the wedding day. The new bride Nisha in her traditional wedding attire, garland, and jewelry, was seen brandishing the stick with much ease and élan to the tune of the drums and crowds whistling and encouraging her stick routine. Nisha apparently had learned martial arts with the encouragement of her mother. Needless to say, Nisha's martial arts performance was a highlight at the wedding and her videos are currently going viral on social media.

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