Varun Sandesh’s Wife Rubbishes Suicide Rumors

The couple got married last year on August - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Social media went into a tizzy on Tuesday night after rumors about Tollywood actor Varun Sandesh's wife Vithika Sheru saying she committed suicide. The news in short span of time flew thick and fast in Tollywood circle sending celebs into a state of shock. It was circulated on social media that due to family trouble she attempted suicide. The news got more credence after someone posted a picture of a woman claiming it to be Vithika's as undergoing treatment at a private hospital.

However, Vithika, who is also an actress, came down heavily and rubbished the rumors saying that "Everything is a just a rumor. We are doing great".

The couple got married last year on August and stayed in the US for few years before moving back to Hyderabad. She also denied the picture that was circulated online was not hers.

It's learnt that she was fast asleep as she took a sleeping pill as part of an ongoing treatment for some health issue.

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