Valentine's Day protection for lovers

Valentine's Day protection for lovers - Sakshi Post

Are you in love? Enjoy Valentine's day without any fear. Here is an assurance to lovers on the eve of Valentine's Day in Hyderabad.

If faced by any threat from Bhajarang Dal activists or Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), call the cops.

The good news for all the youngsters who wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day is that, the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) ordered the police to provide protection for lovers.

Achuta Rao, an advocate, filed a petition in the SHRC alleging that lovers face a threat from Bajrang Dal activists and VHP groups to force them to tie the knot if they found celebrating Valentine's Day.

It may be recalled that both the organisations have announced that they would force marriage if lovers are seen together in parks, pubs, hotels and resorts on Valentine's Day. Thus, the advocate sought protection for lovers.

Admitting to the petition, the SHRC today directed the police to protect the lovers. The two organisations had resorted to similar acts previously.


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