Government Digs Historic Fort In Kurnool For Hidden Treasures

Chennampalli Kota in Kurnool district - Sakshi Post

Remember the Unnao treasure hunt that the Archaeologocal Survey Of India undertook way back in 2013 in Uttar Pradesh? The whole government machinery was deployed and the ASI experts dug everywhere in the Unnao fort for hidden treasures. This sordid spectacle was the result of a Baba, who dreamed of hidden treasure in the decrepit fort. At the end of the exercise, what the ASI got was loads of egg on its face and a whole lot of dust to clean up.

A similar sorry spectacle is being enacted in Kurnool district's Chennampalli Kota. The historic fort in Tuggali mandal is now being dug up for hidden treasures, not by private people, but by the Government. Police have been deployed and special collector Subba Reddy has been appointed to monitor the digging. The fort, which is under the control of the ASI, is now virtually taken over by the district administration.

The government had given a green signal for gold and diamond treasures, believed to have been buried deep down int he fort. Local village committee is also standing witness to the digging. Mining and revenue officials too have been deployed in teh 102.54 acre fort, which was part of the Vijayanagara empire.

But, there are rumours that the descendants of the royal clan that manned the fort have been kept out of these operations. There is utter secrecy about the whole operation. Local YSRCP leaders have alleged that the TDP leaders may have been involved in these digging operations. Meanwhile, a large number of locals and the people from the neighbouring villages have flocked to the fort to witness the digging operations.

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