UoH imbroglio: Students want classes to go on

UoH imbroglio: Students want classes to go on - Sakshi Post

As the University of Hyderabad simmers over research scholar Rohith Vemula's suicide, there is another kind of unrest brewing in the UoH.The students and researchers are worried that their academic careers would be in jeopardy if the strike continues.

The worst hit are researchers in science. They are unable to monitor their samples and collect data. These experiments need to be redone and this means delay in their research. Some samples have been brought from abroad and any delay could lead to the samples getting damaged. This means the students will have to spend more money to get the samples again.

Also, students in their final semester are eager to complete their courses so that they can join either higher studies or land in a job. More worrisome for the job aspirants is the postponement of the job recruitment drive, which is organised every year in January. This means many students would be deprived of campus placements due to the uncertainty prevailing in the University of Hyderabad.

Many students, who on condition of anonymity, say that the students JAC is forcing them not to attend classes and go to labs. Since January 18, the labs and classrooms have remained closed.

Many students want the classes to go on as usual even as the agitation contnues till the JAC's demands are not met.

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