Unauthorized speed breakers sprout unchecked in city

Unauthorized speed breakers sprout unchecked in city - Sakshi Post

Aren't we all being tossed about in our cars or on our bikes every single day when some unmarked speed breaker seems to spring out of nowhere?

One would expect the GHMC to grant permission for speed breakers to be placed on any street or lane. Instead, what we find is residents getting speed breakers put in places of their choice—for the most part in front of their houses.  For some residents, it is a privilege they seem to enjoy and wish to showcase. To have a speed breaker or two in front of your house is one way among many of telling people that you have arrived in life. To call some of them speed breakers would be a misnomer. They have been aptly described as backbreakers in the past and the GHMC authorities have been panned for not doing much about them, but to no avail.
All it takes is a small drive in a car or on a bike through any residential area to discover the scale of this problem. One comes across scores of speed breakers of irregular height and uneven width. Added to everything else, most of them are unmarked. Even before one is aware of it, a speed-breaker would have tossed us up by a foot if not more. The question that citizens ask of the GHMC is that when it is so pro-active on tax collection, why can't it warn residents who put such unauthorized speed breakers in place? Penalizing them would yield some revenue, apart from serving as a deterrent to others.
It is about time the municipal authorities woke up to this back-breaking menace across the length and breadth of the twin cities. Perhaps, a court order is needed to goad the somnolent municipal authorities into some semblance of action.


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