Unable to Digest Criticism, RGV Lashes Out at Chiranjeevi’s Brother 

Ram Gopal Varma reacts to Nagababu’s criticism - Sakshi Post

Ram Gopal Varma who has earned a reputation for passing unabashed comments on whomever he chooses, without ever being mindful of the said person’s feelings, on Friday discovered that no matter what his achievements were, he for one, was no different from the rest when it came to taking criticism.

Reacting strongly to comments made by megastar Chiranjeevi’s brother Nagababu at an event, maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma resorted to name calling and called him “incompetent”.

In a series of tweets, Varma explained how Nagababu was responsible for the loss of Chiranjeevi's party Prajarajyam.

"The whole state knows what kind of wrong advices you gave your great brother for Prajarajyam and made him lose. Before advising me what to do, please question yourself what kind of great career you have had in your entire life," Varma tweeted on Saturday.

"You don't have 0.1 per cent of greatness of your brother and that's why your great brother doesn't make meaningless noises like you. Because you don't understand English, please ask some educated friend to translate my tweets in Telugu," Verma wrote.

Varma requested Chiranjeevi to not take his brother along for any events in the future. "I know he is your brother and you love him, but in future please don't take him to such prestigious events as he will spoil them," he added.

The "Rakht Charitra" director retaliated after Nagababu at the pre-release event of Chiranjeevi's forthcoming Telugu outing "Khaidi No 150" on Saturday spoke against Verma.

In his speech, Nagababu questioned Varma's remarks about Chiranjeevi and his film "Khaidi No 150".

"There's this gentleman who is passing unwanted comments about my brother and his film. He used to make great films once but not anymore. He should focus on making good films instead of wasting time on commenting about my brother," Nagababu said. He went on to say that Varma is using Chiranjeevi's popularity to earn personal mileage.

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