Uber, Ola Cab Owners And Drivers Go On Flash Strike In Hyderabad

Hundreds of Uber and Ola cabs were gathered near Secunderabad station to stage protest on Monday. - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Further intensifying their fight for better wages and fairer share in profits, thousands of Uber and Ola cab owners and drivers went on a flash strike on Monday. Hundreds of cabs attached to Uber and Ola services by private owners were gathered at Secunderabad station and the owners and drivers staged protest demanding state government's intervention in their issue.

Representatives of Telangana Cab Owners and Drivers Association said hundreds of families of drivers and owners who attached their cabs on the hope of getting Rs70,000 per month were on the streets today as both Uber and Ola failed to fulfill their promise.

“We have no other way except suicide as pressure from financiers is mounting and no government support to rescue us,” said Ramakrishna of the Association. The cab owners said they were lured by the companies with a promise of assured Rs70,000 income every month but in reality we are not even getting enough money to repay our loan installments, he said.

The Association is demanding waiver of their loans on vehicles considering the service as a small scale industry. They said they will continue strike until the government intervenes and assures them to resolve their problems.

With the flash strike by Uber and Ola cabs in city today, city commuters, especially in Hitech City area, faced serious problems. The drivers went on strike several times before but this time it was without any advance notice.

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