Uber, Ola, Taxi For Sure Cab Partners Protest Over Poor Income

Uber, Ola, Taxi For Sure Cab Partners Protest Over Poor Income - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Hundreds of driver-cum-partners of Uber, Ola and TaxiForSure staged a protest against the companies' unjust payment policies.They attached their cabs bought on loans to the app-based cab services expecting good money every month, but they now allege that the firms are not sharing with them the profits as promised.

There are over 20,000 cabs attached to Uber, Ola and Taxi for Sure, the three firms that provide app-based cab services in the city. The owner-cum-drivers of these cabs started protesting against the companies' payment system saying it's way below what they promised.

Holding placards flaying Uber, Ola and Taxi for Sure managements, drivers raised slogans as leaders of various transport vehicle associations addressed them.

With the firms refusing to meet their demand for a better payment, the drivers had resorted to protests two months ago at Uber’s office at Madhapur. Again they have resumed their protests on Saturday, with hundreds of drivers gathering at the Dharna Chowk near the Indira Park, raising slogans against the firms’ anti-driver policies.

"Some of us have sold gold and borrowed loans to buy cabs. Some of us quit driving jobs to become owners in Uber and Ola networks as they had projected a monthly income of Rs. 60,000-Rs 70,000 month,” the drivers resent.

Uber pays Rs. 250 an hour during super-peak hours (4-8 pm Monday-Friday; 4 pm-12 am Saturday-Sunday); Rs. 230 an hour during peak hours (8 am- 12 noon; 8 pm-12 am Friday) and Rs. 180 an hour during non-peak hours. “You must do at least one trip every two hours to get paid. Please note that there is no reward on a per-trip basis,” says one of the series of Uber messages to the ‘partners’.

Drivers' Demands

The drivers demanded that the firms must provide a business of Rs. 70,000 a month. The other demands include that they should not charge for devices and for Internet. Airport drops and pickups must be counted at Rs. 1,000 for 30 km and Rs. 18 for every additional kilometre. The managements should do away with the classification of peak and non-peak hours.

They also demanded that the management should provide accidental and health insurance to drivers and their families.

Uber Responds

"Some of our driver-partners in Hyderabad have expressed their concerns regarding temporary incentives, " Siddharth Shanker, GM, Uber Hyderabad, has said and added that their teams are working with driver partners on an individual basis to help address any concerns.

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