Two MBA students arrested for stealing Rs 25 lakh from cashier

Two MBA students arrested for stealing Rs 25 lakh from cashier - Sakshi Post

Vijayawada: Two girl students have been arrested in Vijayawada after their plan to rob a relative of theirs of out Rs.25 lakh failed.

Bobba Sheila , 23 and Sirisha, 21, both students of MBA and BBM respectively, were arrested and over Rs 20 lakh were recovered, which they hid in a pit under a bridge.

According to the police, Sheila and Sirisha decided to rob Ramesh, who works as cashier in Kamadhenu Feeds in Enikepadu near Vijayawada.

On Feb 8. Sirisha called her paternal uncle Ramesh to Punnammathota. She got into his car and both went to Museum Road, where Ramesh parked the car and went to buy some food. At the same time, Sheila followed them in a car. When Ramesh was inside the restaurant, she sent her driver to get the cash bag containing Rs 25 lakh from Ramesh's car. Sirisha gave the bag claiming that there were books inside the bag. An unsuspecting driver took the bag to Sheila, who sped away.

On his return, Ramesh found his bag was missing Both he and Sirisha searched the car for a while and finally lodged a complaint with Suryaraopet police.
Meanwhile, Sheila who has the cash bag with her called up a person in Vuyyuru and asked him to meet her in Vijayawada and when he did, she handed over Rs. 2 lakh which she had taken from him as loan in the past. After keeping Rs. 3 lakh cash with her, Sheila then took the remaining money of about Rs.20 lakh in a pit in a bush at a bridge over Bandar Canal near St Ann's Hospital and then left.

The police then began probing and found the movements of both the girls suspicious. They tried to contact them, however, both tried to run away on seeing the cops. They were then taken into custody and questioned.

During the interrogation, they spilled the beans and admitted to the crime. They have since been arrested and Rs 20 lakh were recovered from the place where they hid the money.

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