Tummala's wait for ministerial berth gets longer

Tummala's wait for ministerial berth gets longer - Sakshi Post

Former TDP leader and Khammam strongman Tummala Nageswara Rao is a disillusioned man these days.

With TDP cold-shouldering him, he made a high-profile entry into the Telangana Rashtra Samity. But, the promised ministerial birth continues to elude him.
Tummala, a key member of the TDP inner circle, defected two months ago to the TRS. The pink party wanted Tummala as it wanted to make a dent in Khammam. But, the quid pro quo was that Tummala would be given a ministerial berth.
However, even after two months he has not been accommodated in the ministry. This has caused disenchantment in the Khammam strongman.
One reason being proferred is that the cabinet expansion has not been taken up so far. Indications are that there would be expansion after Diwali.
Tummala expects that he would be accommodated in the next expansion. Sources within the TRS also point out that the expansion could be limited to Tummala alone.


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