Trump or Clinton? Chanakya Says Trump!

Chanakya the fish deciding on the US election winner - Sakshi Post

With the Us elections already underway and every political pundit worth his salt throwing their weight on either of the candidates, here is one such psephologist who is creating waves with his prediction…literally!

Chanakya is a fish who lives in a fish tank at the Indian Community Welfare Organisation (ICWO), an NGO in Chennai. He exercises his expertise by swimming up to the top of the fish tank and picking one of the two choices that are given to him by way of feed sticks, that are lowered into his tank. Each feedstick represents one candidate and the feedstick that Chanakya picks is to be the winner.

Just like the Chinese monkey king ‘Geda’ did a week ago, Chanakya too picked Trump!

The Chinese monkey too picked Trump 

Chanakya is being likened to Paul the octopus who had made predictions at the FIFA World Cup in 2010. Chankaya is said to have got all the eight matches from the World Cup football right.

Supporters of Hillary Clinton may however take some solace in the fact that Chanakya had been wrong before, more than once.

It picked a wrong winner in the World Cup cricket finals where it predicted India to win the cup, which however went to Australia.

An awareness gimmick

The NGO says that they use world events to bring awareness on social themes such as AIDS, wildlife protection and child labour. This time they are using the US elections to bring focus on malaria which is responsible for more than 2.7 million deaths every year around the world, mostly children.

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