TRS-Cong merger: T Cong leaders work on plan B?

TRS-Cong merger: T Cong leaders work on plan B? - Sakshi Post

Putting an end to days of speculations, TRS on Monday ruled out any merger with Congress party and even refused to commit to an electoral alliance leaving several Congress leaders in the lurch.  

Analysts are closely monitoring the plan of Telangana Congress leaders.

Some Congress leaders are trying to portrait TRS chief KCR as liar while others are making efforts to woo TJAC leaders which was also in the forefront of the Telangana movement.

KCR never said truths in his life: Shabeer Ali

Senior Congress leader Shabber Ali attacking KCR said that the latter never said any truths in his life. 

Speaking to reporters after participating in a meeting with Jana Reddy, Shabbeer Ali called KCR 'Pittala Dora', and said that his involvement was not there in Telangana formation and Congress would get all the credits. He pointed out that KCR had not even opened his mouth in the Parliament when Telangana Bill introduced. "Even MIM chief Asaduddin Owasi had suggested some amendments to te Telangana Bill but KCR has not even opened his mouth," he said.

Close on the heels of Shabeer Ali's statements, another Senior Palvai Govardhan Reddy said that he is the eyewitness to KCR's statement, where he said he will merge his party with Congress  if Telangana was created.  

Explaining the conversation that took place between KCR and Congress High Command, Palvai said that the High Command entrusted the latter with the responsibility of getting KCR to Delhi to speak on the merger. 

KCR came to Delhi on the High Command's summons and without the Congress heads asking him on the merger issue, he assured them of the merger.  

He even said this to Union Ministers Vayalar Ravi and Gulam Nabi Azad. 

He told this several times to Oscar Fernandes, as well. "Now, he should not go back on his words, but stick to his promises," he added. 

“Congress party never expected an alliance or merger with TRS," Sridhar Babu said.  

He said that the entire credit of granting the state of Telangana should go to AICC President Sonia Gandhi. 

“The long movement, coupled with the efforts of Congress party, resulted in a new state,” he added.

T-Congress leaders has plan B

With TRS's rejection, Congress leaders are scrambling to get their plan B, that is wooing TJAC leaders, in order.  

As per reports, several prominent TJAC leaders are planning to enter politics and contest in the upcoming elections. It is well-known that TRS is, to a large extent, is dependent on TJAC.  

Speculations are rife that two prominent leaders in TJAC are in touch with the Congress High Command and also met Sonia Gandhi several times. 

Will Telangana Congress be successful in wooing TJAC? 


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