Sudha Murty’s Book The Upside Down King Launched At Crosswords Mumbai  

The Upside Down King book - Sakshi Post

At the launch of her 30th piece of original work, The Upside Down King, at Crossword Bookstores, author Sudha Murty was in conversation with RJ Anita. The duo dived into the genre of mythology and writing for children. Over 100 book lovers sat enraptured as Mrs Murty spoke about her third book in the series of unusual stories in Indian mythology.

“Ram and Krishna are the two very popular Gods. They are the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu and yet their personalities are dissimilar,” said Mrs Murty. In her latest book, she unravels their dispositions along with other characters in the age-old tale where readers discover speaking bears, Ravana’s brother- the God of Wealth, and a man with thousand arms.

Talking more on the relevance of these lesser-known stories in current times, Murty stated that Mahabharata and Ramayana come in various versions such as Bengali, Odisha and so on and that’s why taking into account the idiosyncratic storytelling from different states and tribes becomes important.

“Although more and more authors are writing mythology, the genre is struggling to stay alive. Parents should buy their children only books as gifts. Hold a dialogue through books,” she added.

Talking about her own experience on how she began writing in the mythology space Mrs Murty stated "The reason I started writing mythology was for my grandchildren in London, which made me wonder how much my daughter and in turn Indians know about mythology. I embarked on a journey to pen down and to expose the simple yet unknown facts of our past.”

The conversation was followed by a question and answer session where Mrs Sudha Murty revealed that because of her mother’s persistence to make her write 25 lines every day, she became a proficient writer.

“Murtyji is launching her book at Crossword, Mumbai again and we couldn’t be happier. Her persistence to keep writing quality stories which engages readers of all ages is remarkable,” said Maulik Desai, Head, Crossword Bookstores.

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