Treasure hunt in Srikurmam temple creates flutter

Treasure hunt in Srikurmam temple creates flutter - Sakshi Post

Notwithstanding the recent attempt by a businessman from Bangalore in connivance with the temple priest to prepare replica of the main deity of Sri Kurmanatha Swamy at Srikurmam temple in Srikakulam district, another similar attempt was made in the temple for treasure hunt, causing commotion among the devotees.

The villagers had attacked the priests and the temple staff suspecting that the main deity would be sold to foreigners. The temple staff had allowed a businessman to make a replica of the main deity using wax. Main priest Muralikrishna has been injured in the attack. 

In such an incident, some people made a vain bid to decode the ancient scriptures on the temple monuments. Sakshi TV captured the video while de-coding process was going on in the temple. The devotees requested the officials of Endowment department to take tougher measures to stop such acts on the temple premises. 



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