Weekend Calendar For 2020

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We are making things easier for you our viewers. We have taken it upon ourselves to mark off this year’s calendar with all the long weekends in 2020 to go for a small vacation. The dreams of a trip with friends are always snubbed at its bud itself. We are here to give you these long weekends in advance so that you have a more concrete plan that can be snub-proof.

Here 's is the list of long weekends in 2020. We are here to help you make a memorable year with as many trips stuffed in it as possible.

Mahashivratri 21 February (Friday)

22 February (Saturday)

23 February (Sunday)

A long weekend in March 2020

7 March (Saturday)

8 March (Sunday)

9 March (Monday)- Take a day off

Holi 10 March (Tuesday)

Places to visit during the winter season

Nainital, Uttarakhand

If you are in the chilly reaches of Uttarakhand as the winter sets in, then head to Nanital that is blessed with plentiful lakes and abundant beauty. It does get cold in winter, being surrounded by Himalayan ranges, but it’s also mesmerizing.

Manali-Himachal Pradesh

Manali is a beautiful place with snow-capped Himalayan peaks and stunning valleys and it is at its best in winter season. It is a getaway for many adventurous sports where you can indulge in paragliding, horse riding, zorbing etc... you can go to trekking and mountaineering to the Himalayan peaks.

Shimla- Himachal Pradesh

Shimla, known as the Queen of Hills. Crowds flock here to enjoy the snow, ice skating at the open air, walking amidst the pine trees.

A long weekend in April 2020

In the month of April, there are two long weekends, so plan your vacation accordingly.

Ram Navami 2 April (Thursday)

3 April (Friday) - Take a day off

4 April (Saturday)

5 April (Sunday)

Mahavir Jayanti 6 April (Monday)

Long Weekends In May 2020

May 1, Friday - Labour Day

May 25, Monday - Eid-ul-Fitr

While there are two potential long weekends in May, Buddha Purnima will fall on Thursday, May 7. If you take Friday off, you could convert it into a four-day-long weekend.

Places to visit during Summer

Summers are always associated with vacations and India is no exception for this.here are the best places to visit during summer


Kodaikanal, a hill station is one of the go-to summer destinations for all of South India. It is known for its tea estates and climatic conditions. It is located at an altitude of 2,133 meters, the hill station is home to tourists attractions including the silver cascade waterfalls, caves and the famous lake.


It is a great tourist destination all through the year, but there is definitely is something special to visit Goa during the summers. Goa in summer is a beach paradise unlike any other. Plus, the best part is that visiting the beach destination is cheapest during summer.


Ladakh has become just about the most famous tourist destination in India in recent years and a trip to this mountain-town makes for one of the best summer getaways in the country. This is primarily due of the fact that apart from the really high altitude of 3,000 mt, Ladakh‘s temperature also varies between 0 degrees to 15 degrees during the monsoon and winter seasons. However, during summers, the temperature stays at a pleasant 15 – 20 degrees.

Munnar and Wayanad, Western Ghats

When it comes to natural beauty and biodiversity, the Western Ghats of the south Indian state of Kerala is truly unparalleled. And the two most famous destinations of the Western Ghats are Wayanad and Munnar, both of which are counted among the best hill stations in the country, and are particularly popular during the summer months. While Munnar is best known for its tourist attractions such as the Tea Museum, temples and tea plantations, Wayanad scores high in terms of scenic beauty and boasts of a great diversity of wildlife.

Weekends In July 2020

July 31, Friday - Eid al Adha

Long Weekends In August 2020

August 29, Saturday: Weekend/ Muharram

August 30, Sunday: Weekend

August 31, Monday: Onam

A weekend in October 2020

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 2 October (Friday)

3 October ( Saturday)

4 October (Sunday)

October 2, celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti, comes on a Friday in 2020. This holiday can be clubbed with the weekends for a short vacation.

A long weekend in November 2020

Saturday 14 November

Sunday 15 November

Diwali Balipratipada 16 November (Monday)

28 November (Saturday)

29 November (Sunday)

Gurunanak Jayanti 30 November 2020 (Monday)

A long weekend in December 2020

You can take a break in the festive season by clubbing Christmas holiday with your weekend.

Christmas December 25 (Friday)

December 26 (Saturday)

December 27 (Sunday)

So, what are you waiting for, start planning your short vacation now with your friends and family!

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