By Amena Rasti

Birthplace of one of the oldest rivers of Hyderabad, Musi, Ananthagiri Hills is located 90 Kms away from the city and 10 kms from Vikarabad district, Telangana. Ananthagiri Hills is considered to be one of the beautiful places here with lush and green landscapes, which will depicts perfect serenity. It is a small hill station which is tucked away in one of the most dense forests in Telangana.

It is also considered one of the earliest human habitat areas in South India. Ancient caves, medieval fort-like structures and an ancient temple illustrates the history of the area. Anantigiri Hills is a much-sought after place with amazing hill top view points and adventurous spots. Being a perfect place for offbeat travellers, Anantagiri Hills also offers opportunities for camping and trekking in and around the region.

Situated in dense forest, this place also provides natural habitat for several animals.Ananthagiri is not only famous for its lush green environment, which attracts several nature lovers and photographers; it is immensely popular amongst locals too for the Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple, after which this hill station is named.

Apart from trekking and temples, you can also visit the beautiful lakes near the hills. Kotepally dam and lake which is located 20 kms away from Anantagiri hills attracts a huge number of tourists during the weekend and holidays from Hyderabad. You can also experience Kayaking here at cheap prices. However, if you are planning to reach here in the coming weeks to the reservoir, be prepared to travel on ' kachcha' (bumpy) roads as they are under construction. If you are adventurous and a travel freak you will love the way leading to your travel spot!

If you are looking to escape the congestion and daily routine of your life, then get lost in the verdant hills and plains of Anantagiri Hills. Also this place is a perfect spot to spend with your family on short weekends.

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