Why Are Millenials Travelling SOLO? We List Out The Reasons

Yolo...So, #TravelSolo! - Sakshi Post

Solo travelling is an incredible experience and one that every backpacker should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Solo travel at its best is deliciously self-indulgent, going somewhere on a solo trip where you will spend a significant chunk of time alone. Basically its a time where the only compromises you have to make are with yourself.

Those who travel alone often make themselves more available for local discovery and connection. Though they are on a solo trip, they socialise more, meet new people and make new friends around them. Sometimes it happens intensionally and sometimes it isn't.

If you are on a solo trip you will be more curious to try out the rusty language skills or strike up a conversation with a stranger. You will be suprised who you may meet.

Here are just a few reasons why travelling solo is absolutely amazing and awesome!

1. Solo travelling is completely selfish. Yes! You can do whatever you want and when you want. You are on your own and that's the point. The entire trip can be focused around you. Nobody has anything to say or input in it.

2. The biggest worry many people have when they contemplate solo travel is that they will be all alone during the trip. It's really common that you will meet new friends on the road. So always remember that you will never be lonely.

3. Backpacking solo will make you a better and more confident person. You are forced out of your comfort zone and having to deal with unexpected events and unpredictable experiences, you will learn a lot about yourself. You will become much more self reliant.

4. When you usually travel with your friends or in a group it is quite obvious that you will have a little bit of insecurity to socialise more. Travelling solo removes that safety net of your friends or partner, you no longer have that comfort zone of travelling within a group, so you can often make much more of an effort to interact with the locals and immerse yourself in the culture of the place you are visiting

5. Solo backpacking is not only a great opportunity to explore new places but also to explore yourself!

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