Visit These Places In Telangana To Enjoy The Blissful Monsoon End

Places To Enjoy Blissful Monsoon End - Sakshi Post

Monsoon is coming to an end and all the dust and grime have been washed away, turning everything from brown to green. The end of this season is the perfect time for you to visit some of the green spots in Telangana. Here, let's check out some lesser-known spots which are also less crowded that will certainly be worth your while.

1.Mallaram Forest

Mallaram Forest

Mallaram forest is situated about 7 km southwest of Nizamabad town. Lush green environment, invigorating air, and quietness of the woods beckon one to this place. Forest treks, Pagodas, viewpoints to watch the wild, moonlit dinners are the main attractions of this place, aimed at promoting eco-tourism. Breathtaking views from hillocks will surely leave you reluctant to depart from the place.

2.Alisagar Reservoir

Alisagar Lake

The perfect picnic getaway, Alisagar, is located about 13 km from Nizamabad. Ali Sagar is built by Nizam of Hyderabad. This place is blessed with a historical touch as well for it is close to the famous Nizamabad fort. This place has a sprawling 33 acres garden complete with large variety of flora will provide you with a blissful stroll. This place also has a deer park and a lake.

3.Mallela Theertham Waterfall

Mallela Theertham Waterfall

Another must-visit destination in Telangana is Mallela Theertham. This waterfall is a gift of nature. Located in a valley, this exquisite place is in the Nallamala forest range. The height of the waterfall is about 150 feet. The location also lures adventure seekers as it is a good spot for the river crossing, trekking, sliding, and campfires. It is located approximately 190 km from Hyderabad on the way to Srisailam.

4.Palair Lake

Palair Lake

Palair Lake, located in the Khammam district of Telangana is one of the beautiful lakes in India. The Lake is part of the Palair Village which is man-made. Very close to the Palair Lake is the Wyra Lake which is another good picnic spot. Travelers coming to the city of Khammam can club their visits to these places together to make the most of their trips.

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