Long Weekend? Here Are Some Trek Hotspots You Could Head To In South India 

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Trekking is one adventurous activity for a passionate traveler. These tours are long and carried out in a place where vehicles are not available. Earlier, trekking was carried out only in Northern parts of India likes the Himalayas. But now, the trend of trekking has become vogue in South India too.

Here are some of the most beautiful treks in South India.

1. Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu

Nilgiri Hills

The Nilgiris or Nilgiri Hills situated in Tamil Nadu is a part of the Western Ghats. This place is the most sort after trekking places in Tamil Nadu as it has favorable climatic conditions, gentle slopes, and lesser restrictions. The ideal time to trek here is from April to June and September to December as it is neither too cold nor too hot.

2. Coorg , Karnataka


Coorg in Karnataka is a part of Western Ghats is one of the choicest places to trek in South India. January to March is the ideal time to trek here. This place has favorable climatic conditions except June to September as that’s when the monsoons set in. Brahmagiri Ranges and Pushpagiri are famous for trekking holidays in Karnataka.

3. Peermede Kerala

Peermade Hills

Peermede in Kerala is not only a beautiful place but also very know place for trekking. Kuttikanam, Kalthotti and Vagamon can be ventured as trekking holidays near Peermede. Peru hills which are about 4kms from Peermede is also a hub for adventure trekking. April-June and September-November is the ideal time for this trek.

4. Ananthagiri Hills, Andhra Pradesh

Ananthagiri Hills

Ananthagiri Hills situated in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh is among the best places to trek in South India especially for those people who are trekking for the first time, as the forests are not very dense. It has also got a favourable climate.

5.Kodachadri, Karnataka


Kodachadri in Shimoga district of Karnataka is one of the most adventurous trekking trails of South India. The ideal time to trek here is from October to February. The total distance of 12-14kms can be trekked within 7-8hrs. Ganesha Guha, Hindlumane Falls, and Belakallu Theertha can be viewed while on this trek. This place is good for trekking as the climate is ever friendly and favourable.

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