Transport Department's M-Wallet App Comes with Technical Snags

Transport Department's M-Wallet App Comes with Technical Snags - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The much publicized Telangana Transport department's M-Wallet app to provide relief for motorists is found not working after it was launched on Wednesday.

The Telangana Transport department has received thousands of complaints over the app being not functional. Most of them complained that it's not downloading and even if at all downloaded, the registration process is failing midway. The M-Wallet is intended for downloading driving license and vehicle registration certificates.

However, Sandeep Kumar Sultania, Transport Commissioner said M-Wallet app had received good response and over 70,000 motorists have used it on the very first day. He clarified that failure in registration could be due to typographical errors.

"Typographical errors would not allow registration. People can go through the demo version before starting the registration process," Sandeep said.

Meanwhile, the app doesn't allow registration for motorists who have obtained license from Andhra Pradesh and other states. He said people from AP and other states can avail the app only after they change their address.

“They might be continuing with the residential address of AP and other states. Change of address is mandatory once they stay at a place for more than two months. They should change the address,” he added.

However, the Transport department has expressed apology over technical snag and said it would rectify it at the earliest.

M-Wallet app was launched on Wednesday by IT Minister K T Rama Rao and Transport Minister P Mahender Reddy. The app enables owners and drivers of vehicles to store their documents issued by the Transport Department in digital form, relieving the citizens from carrying physical documents and preventing from loss or misplacement.

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