TP Palem women stage dharna against liquor shop

TP Palem women stage dharna against liquor shop - Sakshi Post

Women of TP Palem in Nagalapuram staged a dharna demanding cancellation of licence of a liquor shop coming up in their village.

Hundres of women hled protest demonstrations on the road blocking the movement of the vehicles for three hours. One of the agitated women even poured kerosene and tried to set herself on fire.

They also lodged comaplint with excise officier Sivarao that scores of schoolchildren and women pass by this area everyday. "They cannot pass this area if a liquor shop comes up here as they have to encounter the drunkards."

The women later gave a representation to the District Collector, Excise superintendent, civic, seeking their help in the cancellation of the licence.

Village bids goodbye to liquor in Nalgonda village

Upset over their husbands frittering away hard-earned money for boozing, women of Narammagudem village in Nalgonda district have launched a war against liquor. The women have banned the sale and consumption of the liquor.
The women have decided to levy a fine of Rs 10000 on anyone caught drinking. They also made the panchayat pass a resolution against setting up a liquor shop in the village.
This diktat came into force after the women saw their homes being destroyed and women and children being beaten by the excessive boozing. They wanted to put an end to men going astray and picking up quarrels.
Thanks to the women's resolve, liquor is not sold in the village. Last week, the women set on fire a country liquor shop in the village. The men have stopped consuming liquor.
Now the village and women are at peace in this village.


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