‘Water Meets Fire..’ What Is Rajamouli’s RRR Upto?!

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HYDERABAD: If Tollywood ace director SS Rajamouli has earned the praise for being a great narrator of a story on the celluloid, obviously it’s not without a reason. Besides his passion and amazing stamina to make high-budget films on a huge canvas, his attention to detail, going deep down to the most intricate details, defines the unrivalled director in him.

Rajamouli has a unique way of sending out cryptic messages to the world about his films at various stages. He is a master in the craft of using every opportunity right from announcing the film to the release of its motion posters and teasers to the trailers to create the buzz around the film and keep the fans engrossed.

Remember, how he turned the character Kattappa of the Bahubali series into one of the most trending hashtags? “Bahubali ni Kattappa Enduku Champaadu?” (Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali?) in Telugu and “Kattappa ne Bahubali ko kyun Maaraa?” in Hindi were the most popular catch-phrases which even inspired a million memes and fun videos on the social media. The hook line was smartly used as the most effective tool to sustain the viewer curiosity and interest between Bahubali 1 and Bahubali 2. This is precisely the reason why he is rated among the best in gauging the pulse of movie-goers and devise the publicity strategies.

Bahubali is now history and the entire country is eagerly waiting for updates on Rajamouli’s next epic directorial venture RRR. On Wednesday, on the occasion of Ugadi festival, Jakkanna enthused all his fans by releasing the title logo and motion poster of RRR. Incidentally, after a lot of suspense, the curtains are finally off on what RRR means. As the motion poster reveals, it is ‘Roudram (Fury) Rudhiram (Blood) and Ranam (Battle)’.

In the motion poster, one could see Ram Charan oozing with fire and Jr NTR on the other hand with water. By the end of the video, they will be seen joining their hands together.

On careful observation, one can see a graphic showing ‘India 1920’ which suggests the time of the story. Rajamouli, on the day the film was announced, revealed that the story is set in the backdrop of pre-independence era. In the motion poster, Ram Charan is seen in a old-fashioned trousers and shirt whereas Jr NTR was seen in white-coloured kurta pyjama. This could be Rajamouli’s way of telling the world that the two protagonists are from different ideologies but would eventually come together for a noble cause.

As if to heighten the intrigue, Rajamouli himself captioned the motion poster with these lines:

“Water douses fire!
Fire evaporates water!
And the two forces come together with immense energy...”

With a cryptic message that is as much concealing as revealing, Rajamouli’s motion poster is certain to send the rumour mills into a rapid churning. There are already dime a dozen predictions, suggesting that the two would shown as coming together to take part in the freedom struggle and fight the British army. But what twists and turns that the director has infused into the story with the support of his story writer-father Vijayendra Prasad, would certainly remain as the best kept secret.

The director himself had revealed in the past that Jr NTR and Ram Charan would play the characters of Komuram Bheem and Alluri Sitharama Raju, the two tribal heroes who rebelled against the erstwhile British rule in India. But Rajamouli was quick to clarify that the connection to the two iconic characters will end right there as his film will be based on a fictional plot. And it will deal with the younger days of the two, something that the world had never known in the form of historical evidence.

The film is slated for a January 8th, 2021, release which means, Rajamouli is leaving his fans with enough time to speculate about the actual plot.

Alia Bhatt, Olivia Morris, Ajay Devgn, Samuthirakani are among the main cast of this most awaited flick.

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