HYDERABAD: Tollywood’s ‘Sweety’, Anushka Shetty, makes clever choices and tries to pick different stories. She loves to take challenging roles and revels in those roles. Be it a woman-centric film or a movie of any other genre, she makes people talk about her role. She proved her mettle in acting and can do any character with much ease and perfection.

Currently, the actor is waiting for the release of her next movie, Nishabdham. Hemant Madhukar is the director of the film and everyone is eagerly waiting to its release. Anushka will be seen as a mute artiste. Sakshi. Madhvan, Anjali, Shalini Panday, etc., will be seen in prominent roles. The teaser and trailer which have been released so far raised expectations on the film.

Even as she is awaiting this film to hit the screens, she has also becoming a talking point in the Telugu tinsel world for another big reason. The question on everyone’s lips is, ‘why did Anushka said ‘no’ to Chiranjeevi’s Acharya?’... As source begin to reveal the details, it turns out that the role for the female lead is insignificant. As history shows, this usually the case with any of Chiranjeevi’s films, where it’s the Mega Star that mesmerises the audiences big time on the silverscreen while the heroine looks mere ornamental.

The lesser screen time is also said to be an added reason why Anushka had rejected the offer. Even Trisha was touted, for a long time, to play the female interest of Chiranjeevi in the film but she too walked out of the project for unspecified reasons. Finally, the film’s unit found Chiru’s ideal foil in Kajal Aggarwal but only after reportedly acceding to Kajal’s demand for a whopping remuneration of Rs. 1.5 crore.

The mega fans and Telugu film buffs will be curiously waiting to see if the pair repeats the same magic as it did in Chiranjeevi’s comeback film ‘Khaidi No.150’.

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