COVID-19 Aid: Anasuya Trolled For ‘What About Others’ Tweet 

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HYDERABAD: Anasuya Bharadwaj, one of the super gorgeous anchors on small screen, is suddenly feeling the Twitter heat once again. This time for wading her way into a Twitter spat arising out of her response to a KTR tweet.

The ‘Rangammattha’ of Tollywood, besides being a talented anchor, also proved her acting skills with films like Kshanam and Rangasthalam. She is quite active on her social media accounts and often comes up with comments reflecting her thoughts on civic and other social issues. To keep her fans enthused, Anasuya is also known to come on Twitter live and interact with them.

Anasuya kicked up a mini-storm the other day when she responded to a tweet from Telangana minister and TRS working president K Taraka Rama Rao. KTR tweeted: ‘Honourable Chief Minister KCR has announced Telangana lockdown till 31st March and 2.83 crore people (87.59 laksh white cards) will receive free ration and financial assistance of Rs.1500 and total Rs.2,417 crore to be borne by government.”

To this Anasuya tweeted: ‘Sir… with due respect and will to abide by the Govt… just to throw light… considering some professions… if we can’t go to work… we don’t make our incomes… but we have to bear monthly mandatory expenses like house rents, power bills, EMIs, etc… request you to consider such situations.’

Soon, she became the toast of the netizens who trolled her heavily as they found Anasuya’s comment as ‘insensitive’. In a quick damage-control measure, Anasuya clarified that she didn’t ask for any government dole for herself but she was only batting for the economically backward people from the very field that she is working. Seemingly upset by the heavy trolling, she wondered why the trolls have so much hatred towards others, that too with misconceptions about what she said.

With the trolls unrelenting despite her clarification, she has blocked all those trouble-makers out of her Insta and Twitter accounts.

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