COVID-19: RRR Stars Jr.NTR And Ram Charan Creates Awareness On Coronavirus

Jr.NTR and Ram Charan creates awareness video on Coronavirus - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: The spread of coronavirus is creating a lot of panic among the people and the number of cases are increasing with each passing day across the globe. Every country is taking precautionary measures to stop the spread of virus.

The Telangana government and the other celebrities are trying to create awareness among the people about how to prevent the spread of virus. 'RRR' stars Ram Charan Tej and Jr.NTR have come up with a video about how to stay safe and hygienic so that the spread of coronavirus will be stopped. The makers of RRR movie have posted a video on their social media. Just have a look at it.

  • It is better to avoid hand shakes and hugging each other. Rubbing hands, eyes, nose and keeping fingers in the mouth should be avoidable.
  • Wear masks only when there are symptoms like dry cough, fever and cold. Wearing masks without any one of these symptoms might cause the risk of catching COVID-19. Instead of cupping hands over nose while sneezing and coughing, it is better to cover the nose and mouth with elbow.
  • Avoid visiting places where there is more crowd and drinking water in frequent intervals is good.
  • Don't gulp lots of water in one go, instead sip smaller amounts at multiple times. Drinking hot water would be even better.
  • Don't trust the information that has been shared on social media. Don't believe anything without verifying the authenticity because it will create a situation of panic and that is more dangerous than virus.
  • Follow the guidelines made in the World Health Organisation website.

Ram Charan and Jr.NTR asked everyone to follow the instructions made by the government to stay safe and secure and follow the updates and suggestions on COVID-19.

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