Renu Desai’s ‘WISH’ fulfills !!!

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HYDERABAD: 'Badri' heroine Renu Desai who is an active user of social media tries to share her memories and experiences with the fans all the time. Recently, Renu took to her Instagram and shared about her experience which she has faced in a village. She told that she was so happy spending with the people of that village.

She quoted a photo of Renu sleeping on a cot with two children as, 'Last night was a wish that just came true because I wished for it from the honest depths of my heart! This was the last village we were checking out for our film and the minute our car turned into the village, I, with a lot of longing and love expressed to my production designer that I don’t want to leave immediately for Hyderabad and stay in this village longer. The next sound we heard was our tyre getting punctured and my wish came true. We had such an amazing time with the village people. They barely had food themselves to eat but they offered us upma and tea. We have so much money yet we think twice before giving and they have barely anything and they were sharing with us. So much to learn from them! I know for a fact and I know it’s already started, this film is going to change me at my soul level.'

As per the reports, Renu Desai is planning to make her comeback as a director of the film. The post itself reveals that they are checking out a village for the shooting of their movie, isn't it? Earlier, Renu debuted as a director with a Marathi film, Ishq Wala Love. Let us wait for the official information.

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