Rajashekar Takes Very Serious Step After ‘MAA Fight’

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HYDERABAD: Tollywood film star Rajashekar created a dramatic scene yesterday during the inauguration of Movie Artistes' Association Diary 2020 launch. It is all known knowledge that Rajashekar grabbed the mike from Paruchuri Gopala Krishna and spoke that there were differences between the members of MAA. Rajashekar's attitude ruffled other feathers and he walked out of the MAA meeting abruptly. However, Jeevitha Rajashekar apologised for the inconvenience created by Rajashekar and added that he speaks his mind.

Now, as per the latest reports, Rajashekar has resigned from the post of executive vice president of Movie Artistes' Association (MAA). In his letter, he stated that he tried to do good for the association but senior actor Naresh is repeatedly committing mistakes by not maintaining transparency. He also added that he is very sensitive, emotional and straight forward person. The 'Kalki' hero further clarified that there were no differences between him and Chiranjeevi, Mohanbabu. He told that he has immense respect for Chiranjeevi and Mohanbabu and is ready to work for the development of MAA. Let us wait and see how Naresh, the president of MAA reacts to this.

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