MAA Fight In The Open, Chiranjeevi Slams Rajasekhar

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HYDERABAD: On the occasion of the Movie Artistes Association (MAA) New Year Diary launch at Park Hyatt in Hyderabad, things turned sour when actor Rajasekhar tried to take the mike from senior writer Parachuri Gopala Krishna's hand and spoke about the open rift with actor Naresh who is the president of MAA. This was even after Chiranjeevi spoke about maintaining a dignified decorum, that if anyone has issues with each other it should be between the team and not let the outside world know about.

Rajasekhara who looked slightly inebriated, took the mike from Paruchuri Gopala krishna and started talking about his issue with Naresh. He even went to the extent of touching the feet of Chiranjeevi, Krishnamraju and others present on the dais.

Chiranjeevi was quite miffed with his attitude and so were the others seated at the dais including senior actors Mohan Babu and Krishnam Raju and Jayasudha, Murali Mohan, T Subbarami Reddy who were visibly annoyed with his behaviour,even as he spoke.Even as actress Jayasudha tried to calmly tell him to stop speaking rajasekahar continued to speak.

After Rajasekhar spoke, Chiranjeevi took the mike lambasted the actor for his remarks on stage , when everything was going on perfectly well. He said that it was deliberately planned attempt by the actor to create disturbance in the event ,especially when everyone was trying to do something for the welfare of the MAA.

For a moment Chiranjeevi turned aggressive and said that it was highly inappropriate of the actor to speak in the open when he just said let the inner issues between the MAA members should be sorted out internally without letting the whole world know about MAA weaknesses,

He concluded by saying that if there was any Disciplinary committee in place they should take strict action against the actor.

Meanwhile Rajasekhar stood there, vented his feeling rather loudly, and left the place in a huff even as Naresh, Hema and the rest of the people who had come to attend the session.

Chiranjeevi took the mike again was visibly angry with actor's off the cuff behaviour and said that no one should get aggressive in such meetings and members should express their opinions in a free and healthy manner for the MAA team to move forward with a new blue print in place for the development of cinema in the Telugu states.

Actor Naresh, senior actor Jeevitha Rajasekhar had earlier taken charge as the general secretary while actor Rajasekhar was the new executive vice-president of Tollywood’s Movie Artists Association (MAA) after the elections took place in March last year. Since then there has been a cold war between Naresh and Rajasekhar and when a fresh controversy erupted between MAA president Naresh and sitting executive president Rajasekhar. Ego clashes between Rajasekhar and Naresh is said to be the root cause of the fight. The MAA has now got divided into two major groups and other neutral group.

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