This Ad Got Mahesh Babu’s Bank Account Swelling

Mahesh Babu - Sakshi Post

Mahesh babu is said to be Tollywoods most sort after actor. He is a name that can earn box office collections. Yes, you heard that right. The Name Mahesh Babu itself can run many theaters in the Telugu States packed full. Box Offices run on a high.

There was a recent advertisement that surfaced on the social media in which, his entire family, his wife, and two children had appeared on an Ad. Now the B town star is known to charge somewhere around Rs 3-4 Cr for brand endorsements, but this time around the stakes are higher and he is sure to have taken home a handsome Pay check. We are assuming somewhere along the lines of Rs 6-8 Cr.

The Ad featuring his entire family 

Mahesh Babu is known to have been the brand Ambasador for Surya Developers for a very long time now. So this advertisement for them was done just to up the ante. And it sure has pulled off its charm.

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Take a look at the add here:

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