Balakrishna’s Blooper During Kodi Ramakrishna’s Condolence Meeting

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Hyderabad: Actor Balakrishna's videos on Social Media are much sought after and have become a rage on everyone's messaging apps and FaceBook groups. Post the Telangana elections campaign and the usage of tongue- twisting Telugu terms and his style of talking and not to mention his temperamental outbursts resulting in abusive and violent behaviour where has slapped many of his over enthusiastic fans, are also on the list of highly viewed videos.

When his brother Nandamuri Harikrishna passed away, he used a term called '' Sambrhamanascharyam '', while talking about his death. The video clipping went viral and he was trolled mercilessly on social media and by Telugu Pundits for using that word.

Yesterday while speaking to media during Telugu film director Kodi Ramakrishna's condolence meet he used the same word again and said that Kodi Ramakrishna's death has left the entire film world in a state of '' Sambrhamanascharyam '' and getting very emotional spoke a few more lines condoling the director's death and his contribution to the Telugu film industry.

Now the word is used only when one is happy and to express a heightened feeling of happiness. But using the same word twice that too during a sombre event like a death is leaving everyone in splits.

Netizens are trolling him again saying that , any person expresses grief and shock over someone's death, but how can anyone express happiness in this moment , they are questioning. Someone went to the extent of saying that they have come to know why his son-in-law and N Chandrababu Naidu's son Nara Lokesh talks like this, as he seems to have inherited his uncle's genes, they are saying sarcastically.

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