Comedian Ali Faces Backlash Over Comments On Suma 

Anchor Suma and Comedian Ali - Sakshi Post

Popular comedian Ali, lately is gaining unwarranted recognition outside of films, particularly during the live shows. Due to his controversial statements made against various actresses including Samantha, Ali got trolled on several occasions.

Despite receiving backlash for his comments, Ali once again chose to make another inappropriate comment focused at anchor Suma.

During the pre-release event of 'Lover's Day, the Telugu release of Priya Prakash Varrier's Malayalam movie, Oru Adaar Love, the comedian made some shocking comments.

Ali indirectly suggested that Suma's husband Rajiv Kanakala might be having an affair with a woman from Kerala.

Though initially shocked, Suma recovered and immediately drifted the focus back to the movie.

Senior Actress Divyavani strongly responded on the issue and shared that Suma might have been majorly upset with Ali at the time but she controlled her anger and refrained from making any comment.

Claiming that the comedian had also made inappropriate comments on her as well, Divyavani shared, "Ali said that if he were the same age as me, he would have followed me".

The senior actress further warned Ali to think before he makes any comments.

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