NTR Biopic Trailer Is Underwhelming, To Put It Mildly

NTR Biopic Trailer Is Underwhelming, To Put It Mildly - Sakshi Post

Swapna Sundari

The biopic mania continues and now with much more anticipation in wake of the Legend NTR being recapped in 2 very different films. After considerable social media hype, the much awaited Kathanaayakudu trailer by Actor Balayya hit the digital world.

Just a few hours prior to this RGV most dramatically launched the first song of his Lakshmi's NTR. It was a busy day for netizens who were debating frenziedly on the intentions, intensity and effectiveness of each of these.

NTR biopic trailer was quite typical and a textbook version on a biopic narrative. With the recent magnum opus like Mahanati still fresh in the audience's mind, this was no different in how NTR's story as an actor was actually introduced.

If we could just pause and think, almost all great legends were initially tested, judged and rejected and it is only later that their destiny turned around making them extraordinary heroes.

But with a film like Mahanati- viewers had no expectations on how the story should be narrated. Besides, there have been no continuing implications in Actor Savitri's life that create controversy and conversation currency in the current era. What Director Nagi offered was therefore brilliantly fresh and grand.

On the contrary, NTR the actor and leader lives on even today as a towering personality. There are equally tall expectations on how this super man's life is narrated. It is here that the trailer seems to let down people's anticipation.

It is fair to say this because this is neither a brilliant recreation of his persona nor a spark of surprise in the way the story unfolds.

The narration formula could apply to any biopic in general -with defining moments in the early life, vignettes to establish some positive personality traits, sepia tones in the picture and a full-orchestra period music in the background.

With Balakrishna playing the role of NTR, the audience's desire to see the legend-recreated is much more. But somehow the trailer dialogues neither have the deep impact that was the signature characteristic of NTR, nor the intensity and larger-than-life demeanour that he carried. In short it is neither an impersonation nor an effective re-creation.

That NTR was the most amazing thing that happened to tinsel town is an acknowledged, celebrated truth. What got him there is a treasured history. Nobody is curious to know how a lion learnt to roar or hunt for its food But what took this gem away from the glory into darkness, conflict and defeat is what people are eager to revisit.

Whether that will be satisfied by this star-studded bonanza is yet to be seen.

Lakshmi's NTR song which was released with no fanfare at all drew eye-balls across groups on social media. While the Director's taste and feel of the actual film are yet to be seen, Director RGV has managed to set clear expectations with this first song and a few curtain-raiser promos where he directly targets certain political personalities- more so Chandrababu Naidu.

There are neither big stars nor major celebrations around this film. The star of the film is the factual account which RGV will narrate in his own style- crisp and direct with dramatic highs. While the initial song is already creating a sensation, we are yet to see what the actual film will do.

For now- Telugu audiences across the globe are witnessing a war of biopics- one which has big stars and another that has a powerful story.

The author is Executive Editor, Sakshi TV

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