Anushka Shetty’s Wedding Glow, Who’s The Lucky Man?

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Wow! The charming beauty of Tollywood, Anushka Shetty is looking gorgeous in her latest picture with her actress friend Pranitha Subhash. We all know that both Pranitha and Anushka hail from Karnataka. Even though it is a candid click, Anushka's smile and her transformation of weight loss can be observed. She has slimmed down a lot.

Ever since the actress put on weight for her film Size Zero, she has been critisized severely. Anushka managed to reduce weight in her recent films Baahubali 2 and Bhaagamathie. Now the actress seems to have lost few extra kilos. Speculations are rife over the reason for the latest transformation of Sweety. This indicates that either the actress is getting ready to marry

or a new project is being announced.

Check out this picture of Pranitha and Anushka

We hope it's the wedding glow! Wonder who the lucky man is, huh? Looks like the break from movies and rest has helped Anushka get back her glow.

Ever since the photo went viral, social media is abuzz with rumours that Anushka's sudden appearance could have a purpose. Is she getting married finally? Can we hear the wedding bells? Watch this space for updates.

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