Renu Desai Wants Akira Nandan To Shed Power Star Tag

Akira - Sakshi Post

We all know that Renu Desai always posts her children’s photos on social media. Recently, she asked Pawan fans not to call her son Akira Jr Powerstar. Those who post comments against her request will be deleted and blocked by her PR assistant.

Last night, Renu Desai posted a photo of Akira on her Instagram page. Fans posted a few comments saying he resembled Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and could be called Jr Power Star. Renu Desai immediately responded to the comments asking fans not to refer to him so.

Anyone commenting jr power star will be deleted and blocked by my pr assistant, she said. Neither Akira, or his father or mother want him him to carry the jr. Power star tag.

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