Pushpavalli Scenes Chopped off in Mahanati, Actress Upset  

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Mahanati, the movie which showcased the life story of late actress Savitri has been raking in crores across the globe. It has also earned accolades for its portrayal of the life and times of Savitri. The movie became the talk of the town when the director Nag Ashwin announced a biopic on Savitri. The posters of the movie caught the attention of the audience everywhere.

Ashwin has been credited with an excellent portrayal of the actress' life but there have been a few discordant notes. For instance, her relationship with Pushpavalli, Gemini Ganesan's second wife, has created some sourness. Dulquer Salman, as we know, has essayed the role of Gemini Ganesan while Malavika Nair was seen as Gemini's first wife Alamelu. Have you ever thought of that why the role of Pushpavalli was not shown in Mahanati? Many people who watched the film are intrigued.

It is widely known that actress Bindu Chandramouli has been roped in for portraying the role of Pushpavalli and the director also shot some scenes between Dulquer Salman and her. But due to the long runtime of the movie, Ashwin chopped off her scenes in the movie.

Bindu who had participated in the shooting of Mahanati and also dubbed her character was very disappointed on learning her scenes were removed from the movie. Taking to her social media account, the actress wrote, "It's very disappointing to have known that the makers have decided to cut out the whatever little it is, the character of Pushpavalli (after dubbing) and also appearance of the character of her young daughter Rekha."

She also regretted saying that the same thing had happened with her earlier and this time it really hurt her as she reprised the real life character of Pushpavalli. Wishing the Mahanati team good luck, Bindu shared some pictures which were deleted from the movie.

The actress later deleted her posts after they became viral on all the media channels. "OMG! I moved on. I shared a personal post on my wall about my instant disappointment, which was a simple human instinct , and that has been used extensively in media to make news( friends have sent me links from reputed newspapers too). Some have even interpreted it differently," the actress wrote after deleting her earlier post.

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