Controversial film director Ram Gopal Varma who hit out at Pawan Kalyan on Sri Reddy's issue has once again targeted the actor turned politician on his presence at Ravi Teja's Nela Ticket audio launch. Pawan attended the audio release event as a chief guest. Ravi Teja and Pawan were seen sitting together enjoying the programme while the director Varma discovered something more interesting in that event.

RGV shared a picture of the two actors Ravi Teja and Pawan Kalyan from the audio launch. Yes, the more interesting aspect in it is the picture shows Pawan staring at Ravi Teja's ripped jeans. Sharing the picture, Varma said that the relation between PK and Ravi Teja's thigh would only be known to the Janasena party leaders. He also said that PK face clearly shows his interest on the actor's thigh. "@RaviTeja_offl ki, @PawanKalyan ki madhyalo vunna ee thoda sambhandham gurinchina loguttu @JanaSenaParty oerumaallake theliyali ..Kaani pk ki,Ravi yedama thoda meedha chaala makkuva vundhanna vishayam pk moham lo vunna aanandham lo kanabaduthondhi," he tweeted.

The director did not stop at that, he again shared the video clip in which Pawan was seen scratching Ravi Teja thigh through the torn jeans. Varma opined that god only knows the relation between Ravi Teja's left thigh and Pawan's right hand. "@raviteja_offl yedama thodaki, @pawankalyan kudi chethiki vunna avinaabhava sambhandham aa devudike theliyaali," the tweet reads.

He also lashed out Pawan Kalyan in the series of tweets saying that if Pawan would have put half of the interest on the two states other than the thigh, they would have been filled with greenry. "@Pawankalyan kaani @RaviTeja_offl thoda meedha vunna thana athyantha shraddhaloni just sagam rendu raashtraala meedha pedithe “Abbo athyantha Sashya Shyaamalame," he said.