Vishakapatnam: 'Love Cheyalaa Vaddaa' director Syed Naushid seems to be in the same dilemma as his movie title suggests. He abandoned his wife three months after he married her for another girl. His wife Lavanya approached the police complaining that Naushid ditched her after marrying her in 2014.

Before he got a movie chance, Naushid was residing in Muralinagar in Vishakapatnam. He got acquainted with Lavanya through his sister and they fell in love with each other. They married in 2014 and were living together as man and wife. After a few months, Naushid got an opportunity to direct Love Cheyalaa Vaddaa and he shifted to Hyderabad leaving his wife behind. He never contacted her during that period. But somehow Lavanya could bring him back to Vizag and they set up a coffee shop for livelihood.

At the coffee shop, Naushid got acquainted with another girl and started dating her. Meanwhile, Lavanya's father died and she was in the grief. Taking advantage of her situation, Naushid started living with his new girlfriend.

Lavanya lodged a complaint with 3 Town Police Station and demanded action against Naushid.